Shaolin Zen Buddhism Grand Orchestral

Shaolin Zen Music Ritual in Dengfeng,ZhengzhouChinese name: 禅宗少林音乐大典 (Chanzong Shaolin Yinyue Da Dian)
Location: In Daixian Valley, 7 kilometers away from Shaolin Temple and ten kilometers south suburb of Dengfeng City, in Zhengzhou City of Henan Province.
Show time: 20:00-21:15 between mid-March and mid-November.
Ticket: CNY 960 for President seat, CNY 428 for VIP seat, CNY 248 for seat in Zone A, CNY 198 for seat in Zone B, CNY 168 for seat in Zone C, CNY 85 for Children.
How to get there: take private vehicle or taxi.
Travel Tips: It’s better to bring an extra coat for the temperature is lower than that of city proper.

Girls dancing in Zen Music Shaolin Ceremony,Dengfeng,ZhengzhouBrief Introduction to Zen Music Shaolin Ceremony

The Zen Music Shaolin Ceremony is a real-scene musical extravaganza featuring music, dance, light and Shaolin kung fu. Shaolin Zen Music Ritual stages in Daxian Valley with hills standing vertically as backdrop, covering a floorage of 5 square kilometers. Live chants by monks of Shaolin Temple, fabulous stage effect and soothing Zen music constitute to a marvelous artistic work integrating culture, history and nature. The Zen Music Shaolin Grand Ceremony ranks first among top five live-action performances in China according to an online poll.

Zen, or Chan as it is called in Chinese, emphasizes togetherness of body and mind, awakening and insight. Music is the ideal way to express the conception of Zen. Zen music together with sounds from water, wind, forest and insects forms a heavenly melody. The stage hidden in valley enables audience to escape from the uproar of the secular.Shaolin Monks are demonstrating martial art in Zen Music Shaolin Ceremony. As a splendid audio-visual feast, Zen Music Grand Ceremony contains five movements: Water Music, Wood Music, Light Music, Wind Music and Stone Music.

The first movement - Water Music

Water Music is conducted in three sections: Journey on Streams and Mountains, Listening to Melody of Spring and Piano and Tread Water Songs. The Shaolin Zen Music Ritual kicks off with the emerging of Bodhidharma (the master of Zen Buddhism) sitting in meditation above water. Then a group of girls walk out and dance on a bridge and monks chant in front of temples.

The second movement -Wood Music

Millenarian temples together with sounds of wooden fish (a musical instrument which is knocked when Buddhists conducting meditation) bring audience into a peaceful fairyland. This chapter tells the legend of Shaolin Temple. Shaolin monks knock the wooden fish and demonstrate martial arts. Later the legendary shepherdess shows up with herd. Her song breaks up the meditation of wooden fish and brings beauty of the secular to the pure land of Buddhists.

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Popular Q&A

Why is the Shaolin Temple called the birthplace of Zen Buddhism?

Who is calling it that?
Certainly NOT Zen Buddhism.
Do your research, and you will find that the Shaolin monks are not mentioned at all.
It seems that the ONLY ones who claim that Bodhidharma came to a Shaolin Temple are the Shaolins themselves.
This by itself seems suspicious.
But take it one step further ... how could the Shaolins be Buddhists if thy have temples BEFORE Buddhism was brought to China? It's possible they converted to Buddhism ... and that would explain why they are pretty non-Buddhist, for a sect that claims to be Buddhist.
REAL Buddhism does not believe in martia…

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