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TsampaTibetan food, like Tibetan people and their culture, has a very distinct character. Many people have given Tibetan cuisine a bad reputation while others like it and think it's not that bad. Whether it's tasty or not, you need to try it yourself. Even if you have explored all Tibet attractions, your trip to tibet is never complete without trying tibetan food.

Tibetan people have unique food and drink due to the high altitude, harsh climate, their religious belief and ethnic customs. Their diet mainly consists of meat, milk and other high protein food to help them fight the cold. Tibetans eat a lot of yak meat and mutton but they don't eat horse, dog, donkey or even fish.

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Tsampa (??) is the staple food in Tibet. Tibetan people eat tsampa at every meal and bring it as a ready-made food when traveling. Tsampa is a dough made with roasted barley flour and ghee (yak butter).

Yak MeatThere are 2 basic methods to make and eat tsampa. One is to make dough with butter tea. The other is to make porridge with beef or mutton, and vegetables. The former one is salty while the latter is added with sugar to give it a sweet taste.

  • Tsampa with Raw Yak Meat (in the bowl)

Beef and Mutton

Beef (yak meat) is the most popular meat eaten by Tibetans. Beef and mutton contain high protein which is helpful in fighting the cold. Many Tibetans often eat raw meat, while others boil beef and mutton with ginger, salt and spices. Dried beef and mutton strips are also popular in Tibet. The dried meat can be difficult to chew but tastes good. Additionally, the dried meat can be stored and are useful when traveling long distance.

  • Yak Meat
  • Dried Yak Meat

Dried Yak MeatTibetan Noodle (Thenthuk or Thukpa)

Tibetan noodle (??) is usually served with simple vegetable and brewis. Those who live in cities of Tibet prefer to have Tibetan noodles and sweet tea as their breakfast. Some say Tibetan noodle soup is the most enjoyable for the meal as the soup tastes nice together with a bit shallot.

  • Yak Thukpa - Tibetan Noodle Soup

Milk Curd and Yogurt

Tibetan people eat all kinds of dairy products, including ghee (butter), cheese, yogurt, and milk curd. Milk curd or named milk sediment (??) is solidified sediments of boiled milk, which tasts sour. Tibetans bring it when traveling to avoid environmental inadaptability. Milk curd can be eaten as snacks or used to make Tibet buns. Besides, fried milk curd tastes good too.

  • Milk Curd - Solidified Sediments of Boiled Milk
  • Cheese Momo - Momos with Milk Curd Filling

Tibetan Sausages

Tibetan people are fond of varied sausages, including meat sausage, blood sausage, flour sausage, liver sausage, lung sausage, etc.

  • Tibetan Blood Sausage
  • Tibetan Liver Sausage


Momos (??) are Tibetan dumplings which are made with either meat or vegetables. The half-moon-shaped momo can be either steamed or fried and served with chili sauce.

Yak Thukpa Milk Curd Cheese Momo Tibetan Blood Sausage
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