Tibetan Buddhism scandals

Before the rise of Gelug order, Tibetan Buddhism have a lot of screwing in their theology. Buddhism elsewhere other than Tibet are generally monastic. Tibetan Buddhism is exception. It has origin of Tantric-ism of India.

Tibetan Buddhism seems to import sex theology from India's tantric-ism, though parts of the sexual content could be locally developed. The emergence of Gelug order (yellow 黄教), headed by Dalai Lama, is more monastic, and it halt a lot of sex culture in Tibetan Buddhism. Dalai Lama is celibate. Nevertheless there are still many incidences of sex scandal involving Gelug order monks. [see this][see this]. The majority of Tibetans belong to Gelupa school.

The remaining schools of Tibetan Buddhism are Nyingma (Red 红教), Kagyupa (white 白教), Sakya (multi color, 花教), Bon (black, 黑教). All these sect are crazy about screwing and organizing mass orgies. Many of their renown Rinpoches are sex criminals.

Sexual way to enlightenment

Today, many western countries and places like Taiwan is infested by Tibetan Buddhism. There are honest monk. But there are also minorities of sexual lama. These con artists are able to get many stupid women spread their legs. Today more and more Tibetan Buddhist centers open shop in Singapore. Our women beware.

There are reasons why many people are attracted to Tibetan Buddhism nowadays. Our societies are sexualized and people are seeking ever more orgasm than they usually have. Tibetan Buddhism give people solution of how to prolong ejaculation.etc

Many new age charlatan borrowed heavily from Tantric Hinduism and Tantric Tibetan Buddhism telling people how to enhance sexual power. Women got screwed. Many sex education center do sex marketing using arcane so call Tibetan/Indian terms. Above, couple practicing the so call "Nadabrahma".

Case studies of Tibtetan Buddhism sex incidence

The guru of many religions are constantly preying of unsuspecting believers. The Catholic church today is famous for their pedophile priest. Nevertheless, Catholic institution see such sex cases as a big shame.

On the contrary, fornication is a way of life for many Tibetan Buddhist institution, except Gelupa. For example Sogyal Rinpoche of Nyingma is considered among top elites of Tibetan Buddhist institution. His work The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying top best selling lists in USA for many weeks. To date, more than two million copies have been printed in 30 languages and 56 countries

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