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Regina enjoys intertwining everyday life occurrences with spiritual concepts to learn how to live with joy and verve. Her flights of fancy involve experimenting with and examining life's BIG questions, and playing with the answers. Regina has an ecumenical approach to spirituality; she has studied and practiced Tibetan and Zen Buddhism for about six years, along with studying a vast array of mystical spiritual traditions such as Sufism, Hinduism, and Christianity. Regina has a BFA in painting from Metropolitan State College of Denver and a BA in liberal arts from Colorado State University, and has completed two years toward a master's from Naropa University. Send Regina a message.

Contact Subscribe A Process of healing: Mindfulness style

Mindfulness has helped me time and again to be present and calm in my life during times of strife. These mindfulness awareness steps are adapted from my own experience with Buddhist psychology. Each phase is a phase of transformation and...

China's Tibetan Tussle  — The New Indian Express
She said, “China follows a policy of freedom of religion and belief, and this naturally includes having to respect and protect the ways of passing on Tibetan Buddhism.

Why Tibetans protesting against Chinese President's visit: Explained  — Oneindia
The Chinese Army defeated the small Tibetan Army in 1949 and imposed a 'Seventeen-Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet' on the Tibetan Government in May 1951.

Tibetan / Ghau Shrine / Shakyamuni Buddha
  • Antique and Collectible Pre-1940 Age Unknown 9.5 x 7.25 x 1 Inch
  • Buddha with Mahakala Protector / Om on Back
  • Tibetan Sacred Shrine to Benefit All Sentient Beings
  • Display Buddhist Altar to Support Free Burma, Tibet & Nepal
  • Dakini Blessed Reiki Tummo Infused by Reiki Master

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What is Tibetan Buddhism?

A form of Mahayana Buddhism with an admixture of indigenous animism that is practiced in Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan, and neighboring areas.

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