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Learn Dalai Lama Karma in Buddhism, Tibetan Astrology, Dough Ball, Dreams & Butter Lamp Divination in Dharamsala !

The Laughing Karma...

I became a firm believer of Tibetan astrology, on one rainy day shopping in Dharamsala ! My little daughter was harassing me. She wanted to buy the whole market and as children it seems have automatic 'good karma' you can't do much but lose your temper, which I did, unfortunately on the Shopkeeper and not on her.

Beside me was an old chubby smiling monk who told me to be patient. He then started telling me all about the 'little monks' in his monastery and what they did ! It seems irrespective of what status they have 'a child, always stays a child'. By the end of it we were all laughing including the shopkeeper!

Tibetan Butter LampsWhen we said 'goodbye' he told me as per Tibetan astrology he had done his 'good karma' for the day by making people around him happy and laughing.

So being Happy and making others Laugh..is all Good Karma!

Tibetan Astrology and Art of Tibetan Divination..

'Good Karma' explains and almost defines your destiny in Tibetan traditions. Like all other faiths the 'diviner' or the 'medium' can look into your future, assess the situation of your karma and recommend you certain remedial actions by way of traditional rituals.

These 'rituals' do not change your karma of the past or present. However by performing a divination the latent positive energy of good karma is awakened which can help your fortune to be better.

Tibetan Dough BallWhen performing a divination an individual, or a high lama is relying on the power of a particular deity by whom he has been blessed by his own good karma and religious practice.

Some of the deities which help in divination are : Manjushri, Tara and the five Dakhinis.

Dough Ball Divination in Tibetan Astrology..

The Dough Ball Divination is practised in monasteries by High Lamas when important decisions have to be made like choosing a reincarnate monk. The names of possible candidates on slips of paper are incased inside the dough balls of equal size and weight. They are kept for three days in the main temple, amidst chanting and prayers.

On the fourth day a prominent Lama rolls the dough balls in a flat bowl before the sacred deity untill one of them falls out. That ball will contain the name of the chosen one !

child reincarnationBreaking Barriers..Good Karma !

It seems animals have incredible good karmas..nothing they do can ever go wrong. My baby bull 'Barnie' seems blessed whole day grazing on the hill tops, enjoying the winter sunshine and romancing the cows around him. My dogs, on the other hand are busy fighting with the water pipes and barking at the mules who look completely disinterested.

It took a child monk's explanation to make me understand the gist of the great 'Bhagavad Gita'. He told me innocently " they know not what they do. What they do is what they feel they should do without worrying about the consequences and results." In the Great Indian Epic - 'The Mahabharata' the Dharma War the only one who was awarded 'heaven' in the end was the 'black faithful dog' of the Pandavas.

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