Buddhism Basic facts

buddhism 1 Important Facts of Buddhist Beliefs: The BasicsAmong the important facts of Buddhist beliefs is the state of Nirvana or rebirth which spawned two prevailing beliefs: the end of suffering and the attainment of Paradise. This finds parallelism among the doctrines taught by other religions especially Christianity. It only goes to show that we, humans, in the absence of something greater to hold on to, will find our existence empty and meaningless.

The Three Delusions

Buddhism identifies three causes of suffering and pain: ignorance, desire, and hatred or anger. Ignorance explains why Buddhism also upholds the ideals of awareness of reality; distance from oneself explains why desire is a delusion; and attaining peace and grace is noble because we cannot live in anger.

The three Trainings

buddhism 2 Important Facts of Buddhist Beliefs: The BasicsBuddhism probably sets forth the calling for purposeful living as embodied in the following: moral discipline, concentration, wisdom. Wisdom is probably the highest form of endeavor that humans seek. It is this kind of enlightenment that made Buddha worthy of unprecedented emulation. But it cannot be attained if humans do not practice fortitude to be morally disciplines and cannot concentrate enough to be aware of their inner selves.

The Noble Truths

First, Buddhism teaches that all life is marked by suffering. In the reality of people’s lives, this is evident. Second, suffering is caused by desire and attachment. People yearn and people cannot let go of the material things that seem very important to them. Third, that suffering can be eliminated is true and becomes a source of hope. And fourth, suffering is eliminated by following the teachings embodied by the Eight Paths.

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