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Henebery Whiskey Symbolism, the Double Headed Peacock

The double headed peacock plays a crucial role in Henebery Whiskey Symbolism. The history regarding “The Man Behind the Whiskey” Matthew Henebery is well documented in history and the symbolism behind the peacock is rich with content. The symbol characterizes the many traits that made up who the whiskey icon, Matthew Henebery was and these are qualities that the brand strives for and holds onto as core values today. The peacock holds a significance in every major religion of the world. In Hinduism, the peacock is a representation of benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and luck and there are many detailed accounts of Matthews nature in which he demonstrated such traits. Christianity views the peacock as a symbol of resurrection and renewal. This is heavily depicted from the Catholic Church in which Matthew was a devout member. Renewal is a common theme in business and Matthew Henebery was able to adapt and evolve with change and he proved this with what he accomplished in his time. Feel free to read the History of Matthew Henebery to learn more. The peacocks tail feathers are often found to be present where the Dalai Lama is speaking.henebery whiskey symbolism peacock In Tibetan Buddhism the tail feathers hold a symbol of awareness, the minds natural state of being. This is the reasoning why such are often used in some of Tibets rituals of initiation, representing the practice of pure intention. Eastern religions see the peacock as a symbol of love, compassion, kindness and good will all of which are traits that Matthew Henebery demonstrated consistently throughout his community in his lifetime. The humble direction that Matthew demonstrated is characterized well by the theme the peacock represents and these are core values that the team of the Henebery brand hold dear today.

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Popular Q&A

In simple terms can someone describe the OM symbol in buddhism ?

The use of the syllable "om" in Buddhism is limited primarily to the Tibetan Buddhist schools, where it primarily serves as the first syllable in a mantra (such as "om mani padme hum"). It does not appear frequently in the mantras of the Theravada and Mahayana traditions.
"Om' is a sacred syllable (not symbol) used in Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and other spiritual traditions. The syllable does not have a specific meaning (that is, it cannot be translated). Rather, it points to or invokes the "sacred" - a term which itself has different meanings in different traditions.
In Hinduism, it re…

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