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Buddhist Eight Auspicious symbols

Right-coiled White Conch
The white conch which coils to the right symbolises the deep, far-reaching and melodious sound of the Dharma teachings, which being appropriate to different natures, predispositions and aspirations of disciples, awakens them from the deep slumber of ignorance and urges them to accomplish their own and others' welfare.

Precious Umbrella
The precious umbrella symbolises the wholesome activity of preserving beings from illness, harmful forces, obstacles and so forth in this life and all kinds of temporary and enduring sufferings of the three lower realms, and the realms of men and gods in future lives. It also represents the enjoyment of a feast of benefit under its cool shade.

Victory Banner
The victory banner symbolises the victory of the activities of one's own and others body, speech and mind over obstacles and negativitities. It also stands for the complete victory of the Buddhist Doctrine over all harmful and pernicious forces.

Golden Fish
The golden fish symbolises the auspiciousness of all living beings in a state of fearlessness, without danger of drowning in the ocean of sufferings, and migrating from place to place freely and spontaneously, just as fish swim freely without fear through water.

Dharma Wheel
The golden wheel symbolises the auspiciousness of the turning of the precious wheel of Buddha's doctrine, both in its teachings and realizations, in all realms and at all times, enabling beings to experience the joy of wholesome deeds and liberation.

Auspicious Drawing
The auspicious drawing symbolises the mutual dependence of religious doctrine and secular affairs. Similarly, it represents the union of wisdom and method, the inseparability of emptiness and dependent arising at the time of path, and finally, at the time of enlightenment, the complete union of wisdom and great compassion.

Lotus Flower
The lotus flower symbolises the complete purification of the defilements of the body, speech and mind, and the full blossoming of wholesome deeds in blissful liberation.

Vase of Treasure

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Popular Q&A

What is eight auspicious symbols?

A set of eight symbols of good fortune of Indian provenance but very popular in Tibetan Buddhist circles where they are linked with various aspects of Buddhist teachings. The set comprises the golden fish (good fortune), the parasol (spiritual power), the right-turning conch shell (the fame of the Dharma), the Lotus (spiritual purity), the victory banner (victory of the Dharma), the treasure vase (spiritual and material fulfilment), the wheel (the perfection of the Dharma), and the endless knot (infinite wisdom of a Buddha).

Fig 9 eight auspicious symbols
eight auspicious symbols

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