Ancient Buddhist symbol

Lhasa-Tibet-2013-323Dharamshala: - - Ignoring both religious freedom and the outcry of the Tibetan people, the Chinese authorities have begun demolishing the ancient capital of Lhasa, including one of the most important Buddhist sites of the city, Tibet's holiest Jokhang Temple.

Chinese authorities are planning to destroy the ancient Buddhist capital of Lhasa, and replace it with a tourist city similar to Lijiang. "Shangri-La" in Yunnan Province. Several large-scale construction projects are underway for a number of shopping malls around the Buddhist holy temple as well as underground parking at Barkhor Street.

"Traditional Tibetan buildings in this ancient city are once again facing the destruction crisis under Chinese modernization", well-known Tibetan writer Woeser told . She is also appealing to the global institutions, including UNESCO and Tibetans around the world to 'save Lhasa.'

During the last two years of the nineteen-eighties, Nepal's ties with its southern neighbor--India plummeted as the latter declined to renew the trade and transit treaties.

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Popular Q&A

What is the Buddhist symbol of death?

The Buddhist symbol of death is the wheel. This is also the symbol for birth, as Buddhists believe that individuals are perpetually born, die, and are reborn again.
Here is a link for the wheel. There are many variations but this is the most simplistic example in the image link below.
Here is more information on the Buddhist symbol of death (and life) in the other link below.

What is the Buddhist Symbol Strength?

The Lion is one of Buddhism's most potent symbols. Traditionally, the lion is associated with regality, strength and power.ChaCha.

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