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Spread of Buddhism timeline

* The Buddhist calendar starts (year 1) from the Buddha's Parinirvana (death and final release) which occured in his eightieth year.



Major Events

World Figures and Events

- 120*

6th Century B.C.E. *

• Guatama, the historical Buddha: conventional dates: 566-486 B.C.E. (According to more recent research, revised dates are: 490-410 BCE).

• Persian Empire founded by Cyrus the Great (550 B.C.E.)
• Confucius (551-479)
• Zarathustra (630-553)
• Birth of Mahavira (550)

- 20

5th Century

• First Buddhist Council at Rajagaha (486) after the Parinirvana*, under the patronage of King Ajatasattu.

• Socrates (469-399)
• Plato (427-347)
• Battle of Marathon (490)
• Greek-Persian Wars (490-479)
• Partheon Built (438)


4th Century

• Second Buddhist Council at Vesali (386) about 100 year after the Parinirvana.
• First schism of the Sangha occurs in which the Mahasanghika school parts ways with the Sthaviravadins and the Theravadins.
• Non-canonical Buddhist Council at Pataliputra (367)

• Aristotle (384-322)

• Alexander the Great (356-323)
invaded India (327)


3rd Century

• Reign of Indian Emperor Asoka (272-231) who converts and establishes the Buddha's Dharma on a national level for the first time.
• Third Buddhist Council at Pataliputra (250) under the patronage of Emperor Asoka about 200 years after the Parinirvana. • The modern Pali Tipitaka now essentially complete.
• Asoka's son and missionary Mahinda established Buddhism in Sri Lanka (247)

• Great Wall of China (250)

• Hadrian's Wall circa 3rd Century AD

• Hannibal Barca (247?-183?)


2nd Century

• Beginnings of Buddhism (20O).
• Composition of Prajnaparamita literature.
• Historical record has it that two Buddhist missionaries from India in 68 AD, arrived at the court of Emperor Ming (58-75) of Han Dynasty. They enjoyed imperial favour...

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