Spread and development of Buddhism

Gandhari DhammapadaI first look at the Three Councils with some remarks on how the scriptures were collection and confirmed, and what materials were used for their preservation.

I then discuss how the geographical separation after the Missions helped in the development of isolated schools, which is why the Fourth Councils in the Theravāda and Mahāyāna were unknown to each other.

Sungai Batu ChetiyaAfter tracing the arising of the various Mahāyāna Schools in widely different areas, I show the role of the maritime silk routes in the spread of the religion in S.E. Asia.

Finally, I look at how the overland silk routes helped in the dissemination of Buddhism to China, and the symbiotic relationship that existed between the merchants and the monks along the route.

Please note that the story a quite a complex one as it covers the development over a whole continent. And in an hour long talk like this I can only give an outline of the reality.

I gave the talk without notes, and made a few small mistakes in the live talk, for instance speaking about Nidānavagga when I meant Nidānasamyutta; and saying 20, 000 verses when I meant 18, 000 verses.Mogao Caves These are corrected in the subtitles which were added when making the video.

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Pamir Mountains Mural at the Mogao Caves
The Buddhist Conquest of China: The Spread and Development of Buddhism in Early Medieval China, Text (Sinica Leidensia, Edidit, Institutum Sinologicum Lugduno-Batavum, vol. XI)
Book (E. J. Brill)

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Formation and dissemination of culture - spread with the formation of Japanese Buddhism (Open University course materials) (1905) ISBN: 4141103411 [Japanese Import]
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Popular Q&A

What was the condition of Buddhism in the period between the Han and the Sui dynasties

it was not a native religion but it adpted to Chinese ways and thrived during this period.

HOw did buddhism spread north during the Han dynasty?

For hw.

The silk road, which brought contact with the The Kushan Empire of northern India - Afghanistan.

Did the Han of Dynasty spread?

the han dynasty spread east of China!

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