Buddhists now, right?

Womens rights in the Buddhism religion

Therefore, it is evident to say that Thai people have regarded and adored these monks as the spiritual superiors in Thai Buddhism. Therefore it is difficult to dispute that the bhikkhu (male monk) has long received a valued reputation, and has enjoyed the highest status in Thai Buddhism.

Referring to the traditional practice in Thai Theravada Buddhism, if Thai men desire to renounce the world entirely and live in the spiritual life, bhikkhu will be the only considerable option for them. On the other hand, for Thai women, the process of becoming female monks is still hard to achieve in Thailand; hence, the role of the mae chis are often understood as the most viable religious path for Thai women to undertake. The subordinate status of mae chis in Thailand is also largely responsible for the absence of the bhikkhuni order in Thailand. Consequently, a number of women who denounce worldly existence to live a full monastic life are confined to the role of mae chi.
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What power do women have in the buddhist religion?

Some Buddhist schools teach that women have to be reborn as men before they can become Buddhas.
Others (including my own school) teaches that women and men are equal in status and that all beings can become Buddhas in this life time. That means that you are fine the way you are... no matter what state your mental or physical appearance. Let that sink in a bit..... you are fine the way you are. :) It amazes me that this has been taught for hundreds of years, just the world wasn't ready for it.

What does Islam religion say about women right to work?

Sure, women have the right to work per Islam religion. However, they should follow, as men, Islam morals of work. They both should dress per religion requirements. They should follow Quran and prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) commands and watch Allah (God) in all their doings and sayings.

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