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When did Buddhism religion began

Thailand (or formerly Siam) is believed to have been the only country on the globe that a king is constitutionally stated quite clearly and firmly to be Buddhist. Although His Majesty the King is Buddhist he is the just supporter of other faiths that are followed by non-Buddhists. It should be made it quite clear here that since time immemorial the seed of Buddhism was planted in Siam or Thailand and as the Buddha-Dharma has regularly supported this country many centuries there are no religious crisis so far touch wood. Needless to say, if Buddhism does not support Thailand it would not be stable like today. On the whole, Buddhism exerts the noble tolerance, loving-kindness, compassion and contentment upon the mind and heart of Thai people so they are almost always friendly with all good foreigners and tourists. As a result Thailand is regarded as the Land of smile. The truth speaks for itself.

Usually the devout Thai Buddhists are content with what they have. Most of them can hardly try to keep up with the Joneses. It has been recently reported by the newspaper that one these days a small group of American businessmen and tourists visited the paddy field not far from Bangkok. It is also reported that they were very happy with the fresh air in the paddy field. They kept walking and chatting happily. Soon they found two Thai men sitting together in the sun on the edge of the paddy field. ‘Good Morning’, said an American tourist asked them why they did not reply with Good Morning ‘well, well my dear chap’, one of Thai men said. ‘You know in Thailand, we don’t need to say Good Morning to one another because the morning in this country is always good. Actually it’s too good punctually from 6 am to the official time. In fact the weather here is almost good all the day. It isn’t like in the West. I learn that in your country in the West people say Good morning to each other; sometimes it isn’t a good morning at all. As the weather is always good all day, so we should say ‘Good Day’ to each other instead of saying Good Morning. Would you agree?’ ‘All right!’ said and American tourist. ‘But why don’t you get up and doing something useful?’ What should I do?’ asked the Thai man. ‘To make much more money’ replied the American tourist. ‘What can I do with my money when I’ve made it more? Asked the Thai man. Hey, common! Don’t be silly’ said the American tourist. ‘You can buy all things you like, car, a TV set, a mobile phone, a computer set, etc. For sure, you’ll improve your standard of living a lot, will you not?’ That Thai man felt a bit confused and asked, ‘And after having had all that stuff, then what will I do?’ Well, well my friend!’ exclaimed the American tourist with a little pause and less convince. ‘Then you can enjoy yourself, sitting in the sunshine and doing nothing!’ ‘No, thank you’, replied the Thai man. ‘That‘s what I’m doing now, instead of working to death making the skin of my back broken’.

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They are Atheists, though not “Materialists”. In fact many people question if Buddhism is a religion at all. (It is.

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Buddhism is a religion born in ancient India in which meditation is a central tenet.

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When did Religion began?

does it have a starting point/how long ago?

The earliest evidence of ritualized religious behavior goes back some 70,000 years in Africa, including sacrifice of spear points by people who traveled considerable distances to the ancient temple cave.

When did Buddhist religion begin?

poos were used to make people die a smelly deathpoos were used to make people die a smelly death

When Did Buddhism Began?

Buddhism began in approximately 500 BC. It was started by a rich prince by the name of Siddhartha who went in search of the 4 Noble Truths. For more information look here:

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