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Buddha ReincarnationReincarnation, most popularly known by the common person would mean to come back or have a rebirth after the body passes away. It is believed by many following the Core beliefs of Buddhism that all go through the concepts of birth, life, death and then re-birth. If you ask a practicing Buddhist, they would tell you that the concepts of re-birth and reincarnation are two different concepts and are not to be confused to be the same. Reincarnation, in the literal sense would mean to come back as a human in the form of flesh and perform duties and responsibilities as a human and to go through your karmic cycle this lifetime. A new personality is developed in each reincarnated cycle the soul undergoes, it is to be kept in mind that the soul does not change in the cycle of reincarnation, however it’s only the body that is different.

Rebirth on the other hand according to the Core beliefs of Buddhism, speaks about the consciousness that is constantly evolving, it is neither identical nor is it entirely a new form of consciousness within the person, each moment is an experience of an individuals state of mind, it could be a memory, a feeling or a thought. The explanation of re-birth as a cycle of consciousness is at par with the other Core beliefs of Buddhism.

Looking into the basic doctrines of the Core beliefs of Buddhism, they can be classified or demonstrated as the Four Noble Truths. A practicing Buddhist would always preach and say that realization of the Four Noble Truths is the first step on the path of termination of dukkha.

Four Noble Truths

The First noble truth is to realize that all worldly phenomena are dukkha- suffering exists. Every aspect of life is unsatisfactory and unfulfilling and life is subject to birth, decay, disease and death.

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