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Place of origin Nepal, India China
Place of worship Monasteries, nunneries, pagodas and temples. Temple, shrine.
Founder Gautama Buddha (born as Prince Siddhartha) Lao Tzu
Practices Practices of the Threefold Training: Morality, Concentration, and Wisdom. Visit to shrines, to pay homage to Taoist deities; Tai Chi, etc.
Goal of religion To attain enlightenment and be released from the cycle of rebirth and death, thus attaining Nirvana. To be one with nature.
Life after death Until one has not attained Nirvana, he or she will be reborn into any of the 31 planes of existence over and over again, due to his/her karma. Taoists believe that the soul survives after death and has the ability to travel through space.
Status of women No gender bias in Buddhism. In the Discourse related to householders, named 'Tein-gala-wada', certain duties and obligations were mentioned and applied to specific gender i.e. duties of a husband to a wife and vice versa, by the Buddha. generally equal, spoken of highly in the tao te ching (oldest taoist text) but varies among schools.
Scriptures Tripitaka - a vast volume of 3 main sections: the Discourses, the Discipline and the Absolute Doctrine - which appeared only after the death of the Buddha, thanks to the monks who collected all the teachings of the Buddha. Tao Te Ching; I Ching
Human Nature Ordinary human beings possess greed, anger, delusion, igorance, cravings, etc. and they were compared by the Buddha as 'the fools' and 'the blind'. (Ordinary human beings mean those who haven't walked or are not walking the Eightfold Path.) Humans should just follow the Tao(or 'the Way').
Time of origin 2, 500 years ago, circa 563 B.C.E. (Before Common Era) Approx. 550 B.C.E (before common Era)
Principle This life is suffering, and the only way to escape from this suffering is to dispel one's cravings and ignorance by practising the Eightfold Path. Taoists believe that life is good. Taoism lays emphasis on the body.
View of the Buddha Founder of Buddhism or the Four Noble Truths Buddha is followed by many Taoists.
Concept of Deity Instead of...
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