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Hinduism and Buddhism salvation

Buddhism is a religion whose followers follow the teachings set forth by Lord Gautam Buddha. Buddhism is also known as Buddha Dharma or Dhamma. A follower of Buddhism is called as a Buddhist.

Buddhism is the world’s fourth largest religion. It was founded by Lord Gautam Buddha in India. Buddhism advocates salvation as the ultimate aim of life.

Teachings of Buddhism:

1. Three Guiding Principles: Buddha, Dhamma, and the Sangha are the three guiding principles for a Buddhist.

2. Salvation: As Hinduism believes in salvation, Buddhism also believes in salvation as the ultimate aim of life. Salvation is liberation from the cycle of the birth and rebirth. According to Buddhism one can attain salvation if a man lives a good life, does good things, thinks good, and does things without intention of rewards.

3. Four noble truths:

a. Life is full of misery: Human life is full of miseries. Birth, diseases, deaths, unfulfilled wishes are all sorrows.

b. Desire is the root of misery: every misery has a desire at its root. As long as we are attached to the pleasures of this world, we will remain in misery.

c. To destroy misery, desire must be destroyed: Hence, in order to destroy misery, desires must be destroyed.

d. Desire can be destroyed by following eight-fold path outlined by Buddha: Buddha suggested the Middle Path, which avoids extremes of pleasure and extremes of asceticism to destroy desire.

4. Eight-Fold Path: The eight-fold path is also known as Middle Path. It is as follows:

a. Right views: Follow the path of knowledge, avoid superstitions, rituals, ceremonies, sacrifices, etc.

b. Right aspirations: Aspirations to serve others without expecting rewards.

c. Right speech: Do not hurt others, do not lie.

d. Right conduct: Do good deeds and live a life of strict discipline.

e. Right livelihood: We must earn livelihood for our livings but should avoid avarice.

f. Right Effort: Mere good thoughts are useless. Efforts should be made to do implement those good thoughts.

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