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Comparing Hinduism to Buddhism

1) No need for priests (brahmins) or rituals.

2) Anyone can enter Nirvana, no matter how lowly, whereas in Hinduism only the brahmins could achieve moksha.

3) In Theravada Buddhism, there are no gods. The Buddha is not a god.

4) Karma is not earned by following the dharma of your caste. Instead you can move toward entry into Nirvana by following the eightfold path.

5) As the "middle way" Buddhism rejects extreme asceticism as well as great wealth. The ideal in Hinduism is extreme asceticism.

Ways in which Buddhism and Hinduism are similar:

1) Both believe in reincarnation.

2) Both believe there are many different paths to enlightenment.

3) Both believe that our suffering is caused by excessive attachment to things and people in the physical world.

4) Both believe in an ultimate spiritual reality beyond the illusions of the physical world.

5) Both practice meditation and other forms of yoga.

6) Both believe that eventually all living spirits will achieve enlightenment and liberation, even if it takes many incarnations.Remember that in Mahayana Buddhism, the original teachings of the Buddha are assimilated to Hindu practices, including prayers, gods (even the Buddha as god in all his many incarnations). Mahayana Buddhism also introduces the idea of (temporary) heavens and hells.
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Memories of perfect harmony  — Free Malaysia Today
We respected one another's values and beliefs, so much so that I filled my chest with teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Atheism and so on, in addition to the compulsory Islamic classes for all Muslim girls.

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Compare Hinduism with Buddhism?

And discuss at least two effects these false religions have had on the people of Asia

Why do you assume they are false religions? They have a lot more here-and-now reality than Christianity does, which is totally some fantasy about "some day" after death.
Just what kind of mickey-mouse school are you going to, anyway?
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