Compare Buddhism and Hinduism

Differences and Comparison between Buddhism and HinduismWhile Buddhism originates from India and Nepal, Hinduism has evolved majorly in the Indian subcontinent. The practices of both the religions vary. Buddhism followers practice Threefold Training – Morality, Wisdom and Concentration. Hinduism followers practice Meditation, Yoga, contemplation, offerings in the temple and yagna.

Buddhism can be worshipped in monasteries, pagodas, nunneries and temples. Hinduism is generally seen to be worshipped in Temples. India is a hub of temples with idols of various gods and goddesses. Buddhists refer to people who are followers of the teachings of Lord Buddha. On the contrary, followers of Vedas are known as Arya, noble person. Arya does not refer to an ethnicity, dynasty or race. Any individual following the teachings of Vedas will be called as Arya.

Buddhism does not have any association with salvation. Its concentration is only on the attainment of Nirvana. To do this, followers are asked to let go of their desires, attachments and cravings and try to drive out the ignorance. Hinduism seeks to reach the level of enlightenment through the Path of Knowledge, the Path of devotion or the Path of Good Deeds.

The final goal of Buddhism is to obtain enlightenment and get out of the cycle of rebirth and death, thereby reaching the stage of Nirvana. In contrast, the goal of Hinduism is to break the cycle of birth, death and reincarnation to achieve salvation.

Marriage in Buddhism is considered to be a social convention and mostly a personal and individual choice, not a duty of religion. The Discourses advise on maintaining a happy and pleasant marriage. Remaining faithful with the partner and monogamy, which means having a single spouse is encouraged. Similar is the thought of Hinduism with regard to marriage. Man can marry a single woman even though mythological kings often married more than one woman.

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