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Which is older Christianity or Buddhism?

Church histories of the Mormons (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) report that their founder, Joseph Smith, Jr., had a vision in 1820. Two personages, whom he later identified as G-d the Father and Jesus, appeared and revealed to him that all existing churches were counterfeit. In 1823, Smith was visited again, this time by the angel “Moroni, ” who informed him of the existence of “golden plates” containing an inscription in “Reformed Egyptian” about the ancient inhabitants of North America. In 1827, the angel reappeared to reveal the plates’ exact location. Smith immediately set to work translating them, and that translation became the Book of Mormon. Later. Smith and an acquaintance, Oliver Cowdery, had a joint vision of John the Baptist, who conferred upon them “a restored Aaronic Priesthood.” In another vision, Peter, James, and John gave Smith and Cowdery “the higher priesthood of the Apostles.” Smith continued to have regular revelations, which he related to his followers and published in another book—The Doctrines and Covenants.1

“I AM” (or the “Saint Germain Foundation”) was founded by Guy Ballard in 1930. Hiking alone near Mt. Shasta in California, Ballard claims to have been approached by the reincarnation of the Comte de Saint Germain, an eighteenth-century French occultist. and appointed to spread a new, true religion. Ballard published the account of his initial interchanges with Saint Germain (Unveiled Mysteries) in 1934, and over the next four years he wrote half a dozen more books describing Saint Germain’s more than 3, 000 discourses and decrees. Thousands attended Ballard’s seminars in Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles until his death in 1939, His followers continue to teach about Ballard’s revelations, and in 1990 there were more than 300 “I AM” centers in more than twenty-five countries[2]

The Unification Church, popularly known as “the Moonies, ” also began with one man’s revelation. On Easter morning, 1936, Jesus came to sixteen-year old Sun Myung Moon and told him to proclaim himself the new Messiah. In 1980 the Church reported over 120 centers worldwide.[3]

Eckankar also started with John Paul Twitchell’s revelations and “astral” (out-of-body) travel. Before his death in 1971, Twitchell claimed to be the 971st ECK Master and a spiritual descendent of “an unbroken chain of Vaiargi Masters.” In 1988 Twitchell’s Church reported 127 U.S. centers and 284 worldwide.[4]

The beginnings of Christian Science[5], Theosophy[6], Children of G-d[7], and Elan Vital[8] are virtually identical. In fact, brief histories of almost all new religious groups sound the same: one or two people have a revelation and persuade others to follow. In all of these cases, the religion’s credibility rests on the credibility of its one or two founders.

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Popular Q&A

Christianity Vs. Buddhism (which is older?)?

Which religion is older, Christianity or Buddhism?

Christianity includes Judaism which started over 3000 BC so Christianity predates buddhism by over 2500 years, however Buddha predates Christ by 500 years.
Christianity is incomplete without the old testament.

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