Different between Christianity and Buddhism

Book CoverBuddhism and Christianity were both founded by great Spiritual Masters who sought to offer a path to salvation. The terminology they used was often quite different. Also given the different circumstances they incarnated in, they taught different paths and emphasised different approaches to spirituality.

Neither the Buddha or Jesus Christ wrote down their own teachings. In both cases, their teachings were written down many years after they had left the world. This gap between their teaching and the written version means there is always potential for error and misunderstanding of their teaching. Also, as the new religions developed they evolved in different ways.


Buddhists do not talk of a Creator God. In Christianity the concept of God looms large. In the Old Testament, God appears as a dispenser of Divine Justice, this is a concept largely absent in Buddhism


Meditation and mindfulness are at the heart of Buddhism. Christianity places greater stress on prayer.

Grace / Personal Effort

Buddhism places greater emphasis on personal effort, Christianity places greater emphasis on Grace.


Buddhism emphasizes the endless cycle of birth and rebirth and the idea of reincarnation. Christianity teaches we have one life and one chance.

Salvation and liberation

Christianity emphasises the concept of ‘salvation’ Salvation comes through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as the saviour. For those who trust in Jesus Christ, Christians believe will gain eternal life in heaven. Buddhists have a different emphasis, they believe that an individual has to work for his personal liberation – a discipline that may take several lifetimes. A Buddhist believes that belief in the Buddha is not enough, the seeker has to experience nirvana for himself.

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We respected one another's values and beliefs, so much so that I filled my chest with teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Atheism and so on, in addition to the compulsory Islamic classes for all Muslim girls.

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What are some similarities and differences between Christianity and Buddhism

These religions share a basic rule of how they are to treat others, also that a person's personality continues after death etc

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