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Compare and contrast Buddhism and Christianity

There are more differences than similarities between the two religiions.
Buddhism was around long before Christianity, and Buddhism draws on Hinduism Christianity and the Islamic faith draw on the sources of Judaism. Given that there was a lot of swapping of ideas along with trade in goods in the ancient world it is easy to suspect a lot of ideas in all of these religions were drawn from some common sources.
Examining some of the big ticket items: of Christianity Buddhism and their source religions.
  • Existence of god(s): Judaism one God, Christianity a multiple godhead in one God (?), Hinduism a polytheistic religion with many gods as avatars of one central agency, Buddhism no god(s)
  • An afterlife: Hindus and Buddhists an eventual absorption into the Universe in general, Christianity a defined Heaven/Hell, Judaism somewhat confusing
  • Reincarnation: Hindus and Buddhists yes, Christians (officially) one life per customer but many Christians believe in "past lives", Judaism somewhat confusing position
  • Birth of the founder: Christianity and Buddhism the founder was born under mysterious circumstances with portents and miracles, Judaism and Hinduism directly spreading the deity inspired word.
  • Main thrust of teachings: Judaism follow God's rules and be happy, Christianity follow God's rules, be nice to people or else, Hinduism and Buddhism learn to behave until you escape the cycle of death and re-birth
  • Spreading the word: Christians and Buddhists a vigorous missionary program in their earlier years, Hinduism and Judaism converts accepted but not sought.

-Both worship one God (but the Buddha is not a God he is a religious teacher)

-Both Gods are tempted by the devil

-Both walk over the water
-They both have a religious building
-they both have a leader of there religious building (B= Monk C= A Priest)
-They both can worship in groups or individually
There are many more similarities

*There is no God worship in Buddhism. When asked about the existence of a supreme being the Buddha remained silent and did not answer.

There is actually not a lot of similarity between the two religions except for the feeling that being "good" is better for the followers than being "bad". Examples and comparisons:

Means of salvation:

  • Buddhism: To contemplate the truth of each moment, allowing practitioner to see the Four Noble Truths of life. Every person is responsible for their own actions and the consequences. Nirvana is atained on enlightenment and the forgoing of a sence of self.
  • Christianity: Salvation through faith, and a relationship with Jesus Christ and daily repentance of sins. A "devil" exists to tempt followers into evil ways and away from salvation.

Holy days/Day of Worship:
  • Buddhism: No one day is deemed holier then another. Worshipping is merely a cultural practice and has a socializing aspect. Celebrations of special historic events in the life of the Buddha are common
  • Christianity: Many special days, Sunday in general and Christmas, Easter, New Year, Pentecost, Saints' Feast Days. FAilure to observe these days was regarded as a "sin" in the past.

Uniqueness of Belief:
  • Buddhism: Buddhism is a Dharmic religion with no contradiction in following more than one religion, ad no problem in only taking part of Buddhist teachings.
  • Christianity: Christianity is the true religion. Judaism is a true religion, but with incomplete revelation and Islam is a false religion. All other religions are false

Religious Law:
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We respected one another's values and beliefs, so much so that I filled my chest with teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Atheism and so on, in addition to the compulsory Islamic classes for all Muslim girls.

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