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Buddha was not a GODIntroduction

Not too long ago, I received a text message from one of our students in our Student ministry at church. His text was asking for my thoughts regarding a friend at school, who was tinkering with the idea of leaving Christianity for Buddhism. One of the things I learned from that early morning text, was that doing apologetics was sometimes like that of a “first responder” or doing apologetics “on the go.” Also I was thankful that this student was alert to know that there was a difference but needed to know how to communicate that difference between Buddhism and the Judeo Christian view of God.

Think of it for a moment. If there was no difference between the “deities” of these two religious world views, why leave one for the other? After all, Oprah would be right, “all gods” are essentially the same. But there is a difference and that difference is huge.

What’s the difference between the understanding of the God worshiped by Christians and the understanding of the “divine” in Buddhism. While we’re at it, since Buddhism is a response to Hinduism, allow me to add in a quick understanding of the Hindu view as well.

Evaluating-BuddhismWhat Difference Does it Make?

What is the difference between Christianity and Hinduism? What do these eastern religious views of their deities have in common if anything? Do the eastern religious views line up with the Christian view of God? In order to know the real from the counterfeit, it is important to get familiar with the real before detecting the fake. [Read more...]

Before delving into how a post on Pure Land Buddhism relates to Christian apologetics, let me provide a brief introduction to the history and development of thought in this ancient Buddhist philosophy.


Pure Land Buddhism is a Mahayana School of Buddhism; it focuses on the attainment of nirvana through the merits of Amitabha Buddha, who is the focus of this sect. Pure Land Buddhism started in India during the Kushan era and then spread to China from Gandhara. The missionaries from Gandhara translated the texts into Chinese.[Read more...]

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Summary in 400 words or less:

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We respected one another's values and beliefs, so much so that I filled my chest with teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Atheism and so on, in addition to the compulsory Islamic classes for all Muslim girls.

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Popular Q&A

How does someone convert from christianity to Buddhism?

I was born and raised a catholic, but after years of being a science major in college, I can no longer believe "fairy tales" of this religion, Buddhism seems to be the only faith in which I can believe in science and still have faith in a higher being. Please only respond with relevant answers, not nonsense trying to "save" me and bring me back to that brainwashing religion

All you have to do is say and it is so. You don't even have to denounce christianity, just start living like a buddhist. Do the rituals, celebrate the holidays - do what buddhists do. That's all.
You know in Judaism all you have to do to get married, really, is to say I marry you 3 times - same with divorce. Try that. Say it 3 times:
I am a Buddhist
I AM a Buddhist!
It only matters that you know it and that you believe. You don't have to make a stand with your folks even - you can celebrate with them to honor them and their beliefs and then do what you want to do fo…

What can Buddhism learn from Christianity?

Why should Buddhism learn anything from Christianity? Better that Christians should wake up and realize that we are all born whole and that we must all be our own refuge.

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