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Recent events in Ferguson, MO, where an unarmed young man named Mike Brown was shot six times and killed by police officers, have caught the attention of the world. Clergy and people (a curious conventional phrase which somehow implies clergy aren't people) from across the country have flocked to the protests. Even Tibetan monks from India have traveled to Ferguson to join in the protests. As you might expect, American Buddhists...oh, wait...American Buddhist leaders are sitting comfortably ensconced in their homes holding a statue of the American Buddhist Bodhisattva, as traditionally depicted with six arms - two hands over the eyes, two hands over the ears, and two hands

American Bodhisattvas?

over its mouth.

A search of the Internet this morning reveals no American Buddhist voices speaking out on the murder of Mike Brown by Ferguson police on August 9th. The only mention I could find was over at Rev. Danny Fisher's "Off the Cushion" blog at Patheos.com. The problem is that it's a coverage piece that hardly constitutes speaking out. Today Joshua Eaton had a blog piece at Tricycle.com that covered the Tibetan monks' arrival in Ferguson and standing in solidarity with the people there, but made no call for justice. In fact, what has been missing in the paltry, virtually nonexistent response of the American Buddhist community is any call for justice and any willingness to even admit there is a problem. Even a visit to the website of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship revealed nothing, despite Rev. Danny Fisher having credited the people at BPF for making him aware of the arrival of the Tibetan monks!

Gracefully, there were two exceptions I could find speaking out over the last several days. One is Roshi Joan Halifax, whom I adore, and the folks at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM. You can visit their

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