Buddhism Christianity comparison

Buddha himself encouraged people to draw this image – and as a result it is drawn on almost all Buddhist temples around the world. So for the sake of this discussion, this wheel of life – according to Buddhists – is a very solid starting point.

So here is a quick high level overview

So here is a simplified image of the wheel of life according to Buddhism… please note I have put a red circle around the three words in the center…

In the center of the wheel – highlighted by me with a red circle – Buddhism says are three root causes of trouble – stupidity, lust and anger. Buddhism teaches that if you can master those three things (which the Mongolian Buddhism teacher that I listened to called “sin”) then you will be liberated and live in Nirvana (which we Christians call Heaven).

The Mongolian teacher which I listened to is the highest level teacher in his country and he personally studied under the Dalai Lama. He teaches that these sins cannot be mastered in one lifetime, or even in several lifetimes – and therefore there is no escape from the demon which holds this world in it’s jaws.

So in essence Buddhism agrees with Christianity in three important aspects:

  1. that sin is the cause of our problems, and
  2. we human beings cannot master sin in one life span, and
  3. if you could stop sinning in this lifetime (which you cannot) then you can escape the demon holding the world and you can go to Nirvana (which we Christians call Heaven)

That is pretty much what we Christians believe don’t you agree?

Now for the deeper analysis

You might be surprised to find that Christianity has a lot in common with Buddhism. But we disagree on some VERY important points.

As you read below, please take note that Buddhists express things differently to Christian and our scriptures. They use different words and see things completely differently. The point Im making is just that there are some very broad outlines that we agree on.

Cause and effect theory

Basically we agree that there is “cause and effect”. They call it karma and we say that if you sin then there is trouble. If you love and bless you may be blessed: Some Christian scriptures that come to mind are…

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