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Buddhist MonksBuddhism is a philosophy of life, based on the teachings of Lord Buddha. The concept of Buddhism evolved around 563 BCE, much before the birth of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity.

For two millennia after their emergence in the east and west of the Indus Valley, both Buddhism & Christianity witnessed several alterations and additions. The first and most noticeable was the fact that both were expanding and establishing their roots in the nations of the far east and western hemisphere respectively, while quietly got wiped out from the places of their origin. It is also significant that both Buddhism and Christianity are majorly followed by the population belonging to a race and linguistic group different from those of their founders. Also to mention is, both the religions had numerous developments in their religious theories and principles, long after their founders had left this materialistic world.

Considered to be the two great distinctive religions of the world, both Buddhism & Christianity today covers a large section of the world population with numerous similarities and differences.

Similarity Between Buddhism And Christianity
Golden rule

  • Buddhism : Lord Buddha based His ethics on the 'golden rule', which was for the welfare of the human beings.
  • Christianity : Jesus Christ also preached His ethics as per the 'golden rule', which was for the welfare of His people and easily approachable.

  • Buddhism : Buddha, the founder of Buddhism rejected extreme asceticism and gave an emphasis on self-liberation through knowledge.
  • Christianity : Jesus Christ also rejected extreme asceticism.

Forms Of Worship
  • Buddhism : The worship in Buddhism includes monasticism, ringing of bells, bowing, use of incense and rosary, erection of towers or stupas, prayers and meditation.
  • Christianity : Similarly, the Christians also follow almost same form of worship - Monasticism, Confession, the cult of images, ringing of bells, use of rosary and incense and the erection of towers.

Love And Compassion
  • Buddhism : The Buddhist doctrine gives an emphasis on love for the entire mankind and every other beings as well, no matter whether the being is a friend or an enemy!
  • Christianity : The Christian doctrine is also based on the principle of 'Love thy neighbour like unto yourself', which means that love should be showered upon not only your friends, but the entire beings.

Difference Between Buddhism And Christianity
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Is Buddhism and Hinduism paganistic compared to Christianity?

Technically, paganism is any religion that doesn't worship the Abrahamic god, so yes, Buddhism and Hinduism are pagan.

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